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There might be certain situations, where you need to filter tickets based on some rules, to send SMS, for such scenarios you can integrate our API’s in Freshdesk, by following below simple steps.

  • Navigate to admin in Freshdesk Menu
  • Search Automations
  • Click on New Rule button
  • Enter any rule name (eg. SMS Alert)
  • Apply filters/rules
  • In perform actions select Trigger webhook
  • Set request type as POST
  • Enter url as
  • Enable requires authentication, and select, i have a username and password
  • Enter your SMS Alert username and password
  • Select encoding as JSON
  • In content select advanced and paste below JSON
"sender" : "SMS_ALERT_SENDERID",
"mobileno" : "{{}}",
"text" : "Hello, the webhook has been configured correctly. Happy Messaging."
  • Modify the JSON values, as required
  • Finally click on Preview and Save

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