Although GDPR has been implemented just some time back (May 2018), for SMS Alert it has always been a part of the culture and practices. GDPR has not just been a compliance practice for us at SMS Alert but it has always been about the trust our customers have garnered on us and the responsibility which lies with us to keep their data protected.

Here’s how SMS Alert follows GDPR compliance

You can always Opt-out

SMS Alert always gives our customers the option to Opt-out at anytime. Be it our newsletters, or the demo, we always give our customers the option to opt-out from the beginning itself. Whether you subscribe for any of your services, opting out is always up to your choice.

We offer you Erasability

SMS Alert would erase the customer’s data whenever we are asked to do so. If you as a customer wants to be forgotten, then we take immediate action upon such requests to erase, transfer or modify the personal user data.

We believe in fair practices

SMS Alert adhere to fair practices, i.e. we ensure our operations are lawful and transparent to the behest of our customers. We sign due privacy agreements consisting of consent and data sharing processes, where we protect all your data and privacy diligently.

We have a Singapore-based data center

To ensure that the operations go smoothly and the data remains well protected, we have our data center with Linode, Singapore. This ensure smooth seamless operations even when the servers are down.

Full Support Assistance whenever required

We offer an active 18*7 support for our customers. With our active and diligent support team, our customers get a complete assistance whenever they face any issues. Reach us on (+91) 80-1055-1055, or write us at

We protect your Data Subjects

At SMS Alert we not only protect your data, but also ensure security measures at different scales to protect your data subjects from breach. We are equally committed to secure your subject’s data as we do for you.

We believe in Clear Communication

We believe in a clear communication, and this transparency reflects in our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy page. We write all the clauses in an easy to understand legible language without any *conditions apply in small print.

Our terms are aligned and subject to modification according to laws and guidelines by local government bodies like TRAI in India.

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