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Amelia Booking the membership plugin for WordPress. We have tried to make easier to sms notification and reminders to users through Amelia Booking by following easy steps.

Amelia Booking to customer

Steps to send sms notification to user.

  • Navigate to SMS Alert plugin.
  • Enable and modify the SMS content for sending message to customer.
  • You can send reminder to customer before specific time of Booking.
  • Click on save changes.
  • Multiple messages set at different times.
  • One can send multiple reminder SMS to customers with different SMS templates at different time intervals before booking time.
  1. Which events do you support?

    Currently we support SMS on.
    1 When customer booking is Cancelled.
    2 When customer booking is Approved.
    3 When customer booking is Pending.
    4 When customer booking is Rejected.

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