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Many times it happens, a buyer adds some product to their cart, but do not make a purchase, due to one or more reasons. He just needs a push or followup to convert his intent into a successful sales.

Cart Reminder SMS to customer

An automated SMS is sent to the customer reminding of the product that he added to his cart.

  • Navigate to SMS Alert plugin.
  • Click on Woocommerce >> Abandoned Cart tab.
  • Enable and modify the SMS content for Send message to customer when product is left in cart.
  • Select time after which SMS should be sent.
  • Click on save changes.
Multiple messages set at different times

One can send multiple SMS to abandoned cart customers with different SMS templates at different time intervals.

Enable Exit Intent:

One can enable exit intent which will show as a popup when it senses a customer leaving the site without checkout.
Option to customize the Exit Intent colors and background image.

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