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Introduction – User Registration is a easy to use form, from which one can make registration form very easily.

SMS Alert makes it easy to integrate SMS with the User registration plugin for sending customer and admin notifications as well as OTP verification.

Steps for Customer and Admin notification

  • Go to user registration >> Forms in the menu
  • Create registration form in User registration plugin.
  • Create a field for phone number.
  • Now go to field option of phone number field and enter billing_phone in field name.
  • Then Click on Update form.
  • Now paste the shortcode to the new page and publish it.

Setting in SMS Alert plugin for Customer and Admin notification.

  • Go to User registration tab in SMS alert plugin
  • Enable “When customer is registered”.
  • Now go to admin notification and enable ” when a new customer is registered” option.

OTP verification.

  • For OTP verification of form submissions go to User registeration >> SMS Alert in the menu.
  • Go to otp settings and enable OTP for Registration in SMS Alert plugin setting.

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