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Elementor is a easy form builder plugin of wordpress. We have tried to make easier to send sms to users and admin through Formidable Forms by following easy steps.

  • Please note elementor forms are available only in Elementor Pro version, so if you using the elementor free version, this video is not for you.
  • To enable SMS feature, you need to have SMS Alert plugin installed.
  • First i will create or edit a page where i want to use the elementor form.
  • Then click on “Edit with Elementor button” on the top.
  • Under the Pro section, click on the form and drag it to right hand side.
  • under the form fields click on add item and select type as sms alert phone.
  • This will add a new phone field to the form.
  • Then after click on Actions after submit and add a new SMS Alert action
  • You will notice a new SMS Alert settings option is now visible
  • Here you can opt to enable OTP verification if you want the user to be verified with an OTP before the form is submitted.
  • Enter the text that you want to be sent to the user automatically as soon as the form is submitted.
  • If you want the message to be sent to admin as well, you need to enter the admin mobile number here in this field.
  • And also you can customise the text to be sent to admin here.
  • To use variables in customer or admin message you can use the Elementor form field shortcodes. You can find the shortcode for each field by simply double clicking on the field, and copy the shortcode from advances tab.
  • Paste this shortcode in your message as required, and these shortcodes will be automatically replaced with real values while sending the message.
  • Finally click on Publish


  1. Can I use OTP verification in elementor popup form?

    Yes, you can use but you will have to enable “Prevent Closing on Overlay” option from Advanced Settings in your elementor form settings.

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