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SMS Alert for Woo Commerce.

WooCommerce has everything you need to get your eCommerce business up and running. It is a powerful and dynamic e-commerce plugin that helps you sell any of your product beautifully. Integrating SMS with WooCommerce will help your business in sending out quick SMS notifications to your customers pertaining delivery-status and transaction.

Used by million of brands of all sizes, it offers both basic and advanced features to help you grow and manage your eCommerce business. This is also a very smart way to keep in touch with your customers and letting them know about your latest offers and discounts.

How to install SMS Alert for Woo Commerce.

  • First log in to your WordPress account go to  plugins on the left side of the menu options and click on add new button.

  • In this section, search for SMS Alert option and click on install now button

  • After the installation is completed, click on activate button.

How To Configure SMS Alert

  • Here you need to go to the WooCommerce setting option and then click on the SMS Alert tab, and in general settings fill your username and password for, click on verify and continue, and save changes.

  • Now in Customer Notifications, enable the SMS Events and Write the SMS content you want to send in text area, at different order status’s.

  • Enable Admin notifications

  • To Enable OTP  for checkout, login and registration, go to OTP settings, here you can also change text of the button that you see on checkout

  • These are the SMS Notifications that will be delivered to the customers at the time of purchasing any product and other status.