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This is very useful when you have shortlisted some items for somebody else, or even for yourself and you wanted to take a second opinion from someone.

  • To enable SMS feature, you need to have SMS Alert plugin installed.
  • This share cart option works with woocommerce.
  • To configure this option, navigate to SMS Alert under Woocommerce menu.
  • Then click on Share Cart.
  • Here you can configure the message that you want to send to the person with whom the cart is shared.
  • You can customise the text with variables like the name of the person sharing the cart, name of person with whom the cart is shared, cart url, and some other variables.
  • This share cart button is added to the cart page.
  • You can also customise display position of share cart button from here.
  • Change the button text, and even you can change the title of share cart page.

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