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Now send shipment tracking information SMS with – AfterShip Shipment Tracking compatibility.

Shipment tracking information SMS to customers using AfterShip

AfterShip lets you provide your customers with effortless shipment tracking and proactive delivery updates. SMS Alert lets you automate the SMS notifications along with the shipment tracking information to be sent to the customers upon changes in the order status.

  • Navigate to SMS Alert plugin
  • Go to Woocommerce >> Customer Notifications tab.
  • Enable and modify the SMS content for When order is completed.
  • You can add the variables as [aftership_tracking_url], [aftership_tracking_number], [aftership_tracking_provider_name] which are listed above the template text field.
  • Click on save changes
  1. How do I send shipment tracking details to customer?

    You can add the required variables which are listed above the template text field.

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