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Booking Calendar is an easy booking form builder plugin of WordPress. We have tried to make it easier to send SMS to users and admin through Booking Calendar by following easy steps.

  • To enable SMS feature, you need to have SMS Alert plugin installed.
  • So first you have to navigate to SMS Alert option under Booking menu.
  • There click on Booking Calendar.
  • Here you can configure messages corrosponding to different booking statuses.
  • You can enable or disable the messages by just clicking on the checkbox, and can edit the text as required.
  • You can also customise the text using the variables, by just clicking on the variable names available here.
  • Click on Enable Mobile verification, if you want the user should be verified with an OTP before they can submit the booking form.
  • Similarly you can configure admin messages from admin notifications tab.
  • For admin message, please ensure you have the phone numbers for admin added general settings tab.
  • Finally click on save changes.

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