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Many times it happens, a buyer adds some product to their cart, but do not make a purchase, due to one or more reasons. He just needs a push or followup to convert his intent into a successful sales.

An automated SMS is sent to the customer reminding of the product that he added to his cart.

  • So for this navigate to Apps in your Shopify admin, and then click on SMS Alert.
  • Here click on Abandoned cart, and you will see all abandoned cart messages that are configured for your store.
  • You will see the status of this message in the flow, scheduled delay, i.e. when it will be sent, and offcource the message that is to be sent out.
  • You can see the statistics of each message in the flow, edit the text, or schedule of the message, pause this particular message, or delete it.
  • If you wish to add a new message to the flow, you can click on new automation button.
  • Here on this screen, you have to mention the activity name.
  • Please note this name is just for your reference, and it will not be shown anywhere to the end customer.
  • Then next you have to select the interval or the delay after which you want to send the message, in days, hours and minutes.
  • Then next you need to enter your message text, that you wish to send, you can customise this message with variables or the tokens shown here, simply copy these tokens and use it in your sms text.
  • You will also see the preview of the message here.
  • Finally click on Publish Activity and its done.
  • The users phone number is captured when he reaches the checkout page and enters his mobile number, or if he is already logged in.
  • But what if the user just added the product to his cart, but never proceeded further.
  • Well, for this you can enable exit intent from advanced settings and the user will be prompted to enter his mobile number, if its not associated with his cart

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