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  • So for this navigate to Apps in your Shopify admin, and then click on SMS Alert.
  • Here click on OTP Settings
  • Enable OTP for Cart/checkout by clicking on this checkbox.
  • You can congifure the SMS text, please ensure you have this [otp] tag in sms text.
  • Click on save changes.
  • Now navigate to Online Store in your Shopify admin and click on Customize button in your current theme.
  • Now click on App embeds and enable SMS Alert Checkout OTP option and click on Save button on top right of that page.
  • Now the configuration is done, Lets see how this works.
  • Now if i go to any product page, there are 2 options to make a purchase, one is “add to cart”, and another one is “buy it now”.
  • If i click on buy it now, i will be prompted to enter my mobile number, if i am not logged in, and then an OTP will be sent to this number, once i enter the correct otp, it would proceed further to checkout page.
  • The second option i.e. Add to cart, if i click on it, i am redirected to cart page, and when i click on checkout i am being prompted to verify my mobile number.
  • In case someone by passes the cart page and directly hits the checkout url in browser, the order will be placed without the otp verification, this is because of the fact that shopify does not allow apps to modify the checkout page.
  • Is there any solution for this scenario?
  • Yes, we can still verify the user on the order confirmation screen. Any OTP unverified orders will be prompted to enter the OTP to mark the order as verified.
  • All verified orders will have a mobile verified tag in admin section, also it will be added in additional details in that order.
  • So this way admin can identify which order is verified by an otp and which is not verified.

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