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Notification to Buyer

  • Click on Apps in your Shopify Store backend
  • Then click on SMS Alert
  • Click on Customer Templates
  • Here you can enable or disable sms on various events by clicking on the checkbox against each event
  • You can also customise the texts with variables, by just clicking on these tokens that are available just above the textarea
  • For order status, if you want to insert some variable that is not listed in the tokens, you can click on more and use our variable explorer option
  • Here you can enter any customer name, orderid , etc, and this will suggest all matching orders against it.
  • Select the most relevant order and then you will see all possible variables here. You can mouse hover this variable to view the actual value for that variable in this order.
  • So simply click on the desired variable and this will insert it to your message text.

Notification to Admin

  • Similarly, you can configure admin messages, from the Admin templates tab.
  • For admin messages to work, you need to ensure you have admin number in General settings.
  • Here you can notify admin when a customer signs up on the website, and various order status updates, same like its for customer.
  • You can also notify admin when a product goes out of stock, low stock.
  • For low stock, you can set custom thrashold limit for each product, and admin will be notified when the inventory of that particular product goes below it.
  • The thrashold limit needs to set from each product, for this you need to edit your product for which you want to customise this limit.
  • Click on View All against Meta fields, and edit the Low stock thrashold value.

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