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Shopify Flow is an ecommerce automation solution that was purpose-built to help solve the unique challenges that Shopify merchants face. With Flow, you can build workflows to automate tasks, campaigns, and processes within your store and across your apps. These automations give you the power to build the custom solutions that your business needs.

Please note Shopify Flow is available only for Advanced and Shopify Plus plans, so in case you are not on either plan, this video is not for you.

It can help you trigger SMS based on various conditions, and can even delay the execution, as per your choice.

So, for example you want to send an SMS to the users that make a pruchase for a particular product, this app can help you achieve this.

Or if you want to send an SMS after few hours or even few days when a customer makes a purchase, this app can easiely handle this for you.

  • In your Shopify admin, navigate to Apps and click on Shopify Flow
  • Then click on create workflow.
  • Click select a trigger
  • Here click on Shopify and select order created
  • Then click on plus icon, and then condition and click on add criteria
  • Here we will select order, line items, name
  • Then enter the product name that you wish to send this sms for
  • Here in case you want to delay sending this message, you can click on plus icon against then, and search for “Wait” here you can set the delay interval, in hours minutes, days or weeks
  • Click on plus button against output and click on action
  • Here click on SMS Alert and then on Send SMS
  • For mobile number click on Add a variable, select the phone field from the order object
  • Enter the message that you wish to send at this particular event
  • Finally click on Turn on workflow
  • The configuration is complete.

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