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Send Birthday wishes every year to your contacts and customers. Just save their Birthdays in Google Sheet once.

There had been various occassions when you would have thought to send birthday greetings to your customers and contacts, but it would not have been possible to do so because of certain other engagements that you would have.

With SMS Alert we have developed a “Save once and forget” integration. You just have to add birthday’s of all your contacts once in google sheet and rest SMS Alert will take care of sending birthday greetings to your contacts every year.

You can send them birthday greetings, some personalised offers and much more, as their birthday gifts. This will increase brand loyalty among customers, and will benefit in word of mouth publicity.

  • Navigate to SMS Alert → Automation → Birthday Rewards
  • Enable Birthday Rewards SMS
  • Select Senderid
  • Select column containing mobile numbers of your contacts
  • Select column containing date of births
  • Select appropriate time of the day when you wish to send SMS
  • Create SMS Content to be sent out.
  • Finally click on Save.
  1. Can i send Birthday Greetings exactly at a fixed time?

    Our Add-on runs on Google servers, and as per Google policy only hourly tasks can be executed. This means the task will be executed anytime within the selected range.

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