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As per the government directives and to prevent SPAM or misuse of our services, it is mendatory to get the SMS content whitelisted on our platform for users using our Transactional SMS service from certain geographic ares including India, USA, KSA, etc.

The SMS content should be strictly transactional in nature, and no promotional content would be allowed in any case.

We have implemented the process of template approval on our platform, through which you can request templates to be whitelisted for your account.

Once the templates are approved you can send SMS from our platform, API’s and plugins.

Key points for templates approval
  • Templates must consist of atleast 70% of fixed content, and a maximum of 30% as a variable is allowed.
  • You can use any of our pre-defined variables in SMS content, like name, date, variable, time, etc.
  • There is no limitation on number of templates that can be approved for a account.
  • There are certain pre-approved global general purpose templates, which does not require approval.
  • Our system can auto approve templates for your account, time to time.

VariableCharacters allowedUsed case
[variable]a-zA-Z0-9OTP, password, amount etc.
[name]Shiv kumarany name of 1-3 word length
[date]10-03-2020a valid date
[time]10:45AMa valid time

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