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When we send out SMS to our customers in bulk, sometimes after a certain period of time the customer is not interested in getting further updates, either his requirement is already fulfilled or he has changed his mind.

In Both cases he just needs a way to let you know “not sending him any more texts”.

Traditionally, people maintain unsubscribers list and manually filter out such recepients from their broadcast list, which involves a lot of human efforts.

With SMS Optout’s you just have to insert a short link in your SMS Content, and every recepient will get their unique link, and if anytime, he wants to unsubscribe from your texts, he can do so by just clicking on this link in his SMS.

Upon clicking on this link, he will be redirected to a page where he just need to click on “Unsubscribe Me” button, and its done.

We have created a below small screencast, to let you know how to use it.

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