After your header is approved, we need to register the SMS templates that we wish to send.

  • Login to MTNL Login (
  • For this navigate to content templates under templates and click on add button.
  • Select template type as service and correct consent type.
  • Implicit is for pure service sms like otp, order confirmation, signup confirmation, etc. Whereas explicit is information or offers to your existing customers.
  • Select for your approved header.
  • Enter any template name for your reference.
  • template message type as text.
  • Enter your message text, and ensure to use {#var#} in place of variables.
  • finally click on save.
Service ImplicitService Explicit
Service Implicit messages are initiated on customers action.
For. Eg.
Order placed
Password changed confirmation, etc.
Service Explicit messages are sent to the customer at a later point of time, as a part of the service they have taken.
For. Eg.
Service renewal reminder
Pending payment reminder
Abandoned cart reminder
Notify user when product is back in stock(if user has subscribed for it)

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