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Steps TO Integrate The SMS Alert With Tally .

Step 1: First Step is to open a Tally Accounting Software  and download an SMS Alert Plugin after download a plugin make sure that your plugin should be in the tally folder where ever your tally is installed or keep in same drive where tally is installed  after that  open a tally software and you will see a gateway of tally menu Screen in this You have to press F12 Key For Configure a plugin .

Step 2: After clicking on Configure button a configure menu will display in that you have to click on Product & Feature tab then a new window will open name as product and feature in that you have to click on Manage local Tdls button or press a key  F4 to move to next window .

Step 3: After Manage local Tdls a new window will appear name as Tdl Configuration in that you have to fill the location of sms plugin or you can paste the location also and make the yes option for Load Tdls at Startup after that press tab then a option will appear Yes or No for save a details press Y Key.

Step 4: After Configure the plugin you can see that a tdl is loaded a tdl will show at gateway of tally menu or you can also see that how many plugins are loaded in your tally software as you can see in the below Figure .

Step 5: After plugin is loaded name as SMS Alert then click on SMS Alert tab then a new window will appear in that window you have to fill the Account Details  of your SMS Alert Panel and in Right side You can see the two buttons first is account details and another is sms template .

Step 6: After Saving the account details then for setting the Sms Template you can see the sms template button right side to a window by clicking on that a sms template window will appear as you  can see in the below figure in that i have already set a template or you can also set a template but note that you have to use the variable which are given in that and yes .

Step 7: After Saving the Templates of Closing Balance and Invoice Templates if You want to send a message for closing balance then go to Display->Account Books->Ledger after that you can select a ledger on which you want to send a message in that you can see the Send SMS button or you can press Alt+F12 button for sendng an SMS .

Step 8: After sending a ledger closing balance , you can also send an invoice details to a party in that you can go directly to daybook or you can click on the particular ledger invoice from an ledger window only in that their is also a same button of SEND SMS or again you can press Alt+F12 Key for sending an sms .

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