Create Workflow

  • Go to Setting
  • Search Automation
  • Select Webhook
  • Select module invoice
  • Enter url notify in
  • Select Method POST
  • Add below Parameters
Parameter NameDescription
userSMS Alert Username
pwdSMS Alert Password
senderSMS Alert Senderid
textYour SMS Content
  • Then under entity parameters choose Append Selected Parameters, and enter parameter name as mobileno, then in next dropdown select contacts, and then select parameter value as mobile phone.
  • After that click on the add User Defined Parameters and enter parameter name as “text”, then you have to enter the text in below text area, that you wish to send in SMS.
  • You can customise this text with variables by selecting the appropriate module and then click on “Insert placeholder”.
  • Finally click on save button.

Create Workflow

Next you have to associate this webhook with a workflow rule.

  • So navigate to Wokflow rules and click on New workflow rule.
  • Here enter any name for this workflow for your reference and select the module for which you want to integrate SMS Alert.
  • Since we wanted to send an sms when an invoice is created, we will select event based trigger and select created.
  • When we click on next we can add some conditional logic if required. for now we will leave them as it is, and click on next.
  • Then after we have to select action for our webhooks rule.
  • So we have to select webhook as type and select the webhook that we created earlier.
  • Finally click on save.

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