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Messages has an important role to play in our today’s life, weather it is for Business or Personal.

Long SMS is a very smart way of chaining or lining up multiple messages in one message. It allows mobile user to send what they like and where they like.

Sometimes you wish to send a message to your friend or to any other person, but the characters are more than 160, in this situation the characters are automatically concatenated (upto 1000 characters), which means it becomes one chain, where a multi-part message with more than 160 characters is received as a single message on the user’s end.

It also helps you to keep your messages at one place, you do not need to search your messages manually one by one and the chances of losing you messages are no more.

Below is the credit deduction chart:

Standard English SMS

No Of SMSNo Of Characters
1160 characters
2306 characters (2 x 153)
3459 characters (3 x 153)
71000 characters (6 x 153) + (1 x 82)