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To configure this, please follow the below steps:
  • Go to your matomo admin dashboard and click on system >> Plugins. Here you can install SMS Alert plugin from matomo marketplace.
  • After installation go to system >> Mobile Messaging to configure SMS Alert plugin. Here select SMS Alert as SMS provider and then fill your SMS Alert username, password and senderid
  • After successful configuration, you will have to add your mobile number in which you want to receive reports as sms. Here you can add multiple numbers
  • After adding number, a verification code will be sent to this number for verification.
  • Once verified, you can send scheduled reports as a SMS to your number
  • Now go to Personal >> Email & SMS Reports. Here you can create and schedule sms reports
  • Select send report via Mobile
  • Here you will have to select the mobile number(s) to which you want to receive reports

You have successfully configured the SMS reports.

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