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When you send SMS, you may find different status codes, below table will help you understand these status’s in detail.

DELIVRDsuccessfully delivered to handset
AWAITED-DLRSMS has been submitted to operator, and reports are awaited
pendingSMS is in SMS Alert’s queue and shall be processed on scheduled time
BLACKLSTthe subscriber is in SMS Alert’s Blacklist
ABSENT-SUBthe subscriber is either switched off or out of network coverage area
BARREDSMS services are barred for this subscriber
INVALID-SUBthe subscriber is either invalid or does not exists
NETWRK-ERRthere is some temporary error in receiving/subscribers operator
DNDNUMBthe subscriber is registered in do not disturb registry
DEFERREDSMS delivery has been delayed and shall be retried later
MEMEXECthe subscriber does not have SMS storage space in handset
CONGESTIONthere is some temporary network congestion in between sender and receivers operator
NO-DLR-OPTRActual delivery report was not received from the operator within the set time duration

There could be more error codes, as we add them time to time, as technology enhances.

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