Create Structured Template

Today we are going to cover how to sent sms using structured template with help of Postman. We hope you have already created an account on if not, please create an account before you proceed further with this video, as without SMS Alert account, you will not be able to send SMS.

  • First you have to click on Menu icon. Then click on Developers.
  • In Developers, click on Structured Template.
  • Click on Add Structured Template
  • Enter structured template name
  • Select sender id
  • Enter your SMS Content in the Template box.
  • As we assume that we need two variables in our sms template. Therefore we need to create variables by using variables in same page and use these variables in our sms template.

Send Structured Template via Postman

After creating a structured template. we need to send sms via Postman app, so please follow these steps

  • After creating a structured template, Please click icon at the right top for Integration Url in same page. A popup will be appeared before you.
  • Now Select API Key or generate new api key if you have not created yet and click on continue.
  • Copy API URL and paste it in postman.
  • Copy Request Body and paste in body tab in postman, make sure that you have chosen raw in the body tab at Postman app.
  • Replace the mobile number in the JSON request body.
  • Replace variable with the exact value in the request body.
  • Click Send.
  • You will get response from SMS Alert.

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