Every user has to register all their message templates on respective DLT portal and have to add the approved templates to SMS Alert dashboard to send the SMS. Sometimes even after the DLT process, SMS are failed due to template mismatch error.

How to Troubleshoot Template mismatch error
  • Whenever template mismatch error occurs, user gets a Your API requests are failing notification in the SMS Alert dashboard. Click on View Details button next to it.
  • Here you will see all messages failed due to template mismatch error.
  • Click on “Any Query?” and a chatbot will appear.
  • Select “Template Mismatch Error”.
  • Click on “Its already approved, show me difference” and the list of approved templates will be shown.
  • Select the corresponding template and check for highlighted differences between the sending message and the approved template.
  • Correct the spotted differences in the sending message and the template mismatch error would be solved.

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