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By Unicode, you can send or receive message in any language, it can be Hindi, Chinese, French, Japanese, Arabic and 100+ other languages.

By receiving or sending a message in your own language, one feels comfortable in sending or reading it. For example a French person is receiving a message in Polish language, it will be difficult for him to read that message, in the same way if a Polish person needs to send a message in French language or any other language, he will find it bit difficult. But by Unicode you can send and receive messages in your own language.

Sms length for unicode sms is  limited to 70 characters per sms, but our platform provides you upto 1000 characters.

Our SMS API support Unicode UTF – 8 to send and receive SMS text message.

Below is the credit deduction chart:

Unicode Characters

No Of Characters
1 70 characters
2 134 characters (2 x 67)
3 201 characters (3 x 67)
8 500 characters (7 x 67) + (1 x 31)

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