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Through Customized SMS you can send messages to multiple recipient, it can be name, balance or any discount coupon etc.


For customized SMS, first you need to make an excel file with following details, like Name, Mobile Number and other details you want to send. One important thing, every column should have a name, because when you are sending a customized message through excel file, you need to select a particular column.

Below please find the format for sending customized SMS.

Once your data is ready, log into your SMS alert panel and go to customized SMS.

After selecting the option of customize SMS a form will appear and you need to fill all the required information which are asked in the form.

First you need to upload the excel file, for that click on import button and select the file you want to upload.

Name your Campaign and select the sender id by which you want to run this campaign. If you do not know about sender id, you can check the link What is Sender ID. After selecting the sender id, select the sheet which contains all your data and then select the column which contains all the numbers. For example, i have a column with column name “Number”, select that column. The format is shown below:

Now select the template, if you have an approved one. There will be two text box, one in which you will write your sms content, the other one with name, number and other details like coupon code or balance etc.

You can select them and can use them as variable to change the data dynamically for different numbers.

After completing the form, click on the send button or you can set a time for the campaign.