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When a product is not available, customer can subscribe to SMS Alert, to be notified when the item is back in Stock(BIS). Our plugin automatically picks users phone number, if he is already logged in, or else, the user can enter his number, This reduces the shelf cost of the product and the item gets immediately sold as soon as it is available. Moreover, it also gives an idea to the store owner that which product is in great demand, even if it is not available.

  • Click on SMS Alert in menu (under Woocommerce)
  • Navigate to Notify Me
  • Enable both “send msg to customer when product is back in stock”, and “send msg to customer when he subscribes for product availability notification”
  • Click on Save changes
  1. Can I view who has subscribed to which product?

    Yes, you can. Simply click on view Subscribers

  2. Out Of Stock Products are not Visible On Shop

    This is standard woocommerce functionality, it shows “out of stock” products on the shop page, everywhere.
    To enable this, Go to Woocommerce → Settings and click the Products tab Click the Inventory link at the top. Check Out Of Stock Visibility option to hide/show out of stock items

  3. Can I disable BIS subscription message and send sms only when product is back in stock?

    Unfortunately this is not possible as the subscription option is visible only when you enable BIS subscription message.
    So if a user is unable to subscribe for BIS, he would never get a notification when it is back in Stock.
    So for it to work, you need to enable both SMS’s.

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